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What is Gutenberg

Gutenberg is the new default WordPress content editor. Gutenberg introduces a block based approach to editing that aims to makes it easier to work with media rich pages and posts.

What is GatsbyWPGutenberg

GatsbyWPGutenberg is a framework that makes it possible to work with Gutenberg blocks in Gatsby instead of using raw HTML content.

In other words, you can use Gutenberg as a page builder for your Gatsby's content.


  • Render Gutenberg blocks with custom React components
  • Live preview in Gatsby and Gutenberg
  • Automatic React component generation based on post's content to keep bundle size small

Consider this software is still in beta.

Main contributors

Peter Pristas - author of the project

Hi, my name is Peter Pristas. I am a full stack developer from Slovakia. Check out my other open-source projects on Github, or my LinkedIn profile.

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